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The Importance of Colour

October 8, 2021

The Importance of Colour - Lauren and Michelle discuss the importance of carefully considering colours in business and life in general.

Talk Topics:

  • Locked In (Or Not)
  • Aura Photographs
  • Activations

What do you get when you cross a medium with a business mentor? One hell of a podcast!

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Mentioned in the show:

Colours in business...

Red is associated with danger, excitement, and energy. It’s also known for being the color of love and passion. Red raises the blood pressure, and makes people hungry. red can be a trigger for impulse buys.

Pink is feminine, it’s sentimental and romantic. Different shades, like hot pink, can be youthful and bold.

Orange, like it’s namesake, is fresh and full of vitality. It’s also creative, adventurous, and associated with being cost-effective.

Yellow is optimistic. It’s a color associated with being playful and happy.

Green is natural, often used to demonstrate sustainability. But it can also align with prestige and wealth.

Blue is trustworthy and reliable. It’s calming or often associated with depression.

Purple is royalty and majesty. It can be spiritual and mysterious.

Brown is down-to-earth and honest, often used for organic wholesome products.

White is pure. It conveys simplicity and innocence, often with a minimalistic feel.

Black is both sophisticated and elegant. It can be formal and luxurious, but also sorrowful.

Multicolor is united or open to anything. It’s great for capturing the spirit of diversity.

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As well, I offer Mentorship, helping you discover and develop your spiritual gifts.

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