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New Ideas, New Projects

August 27, 2021

New Ideas, New Projects

Talk Topics: 

  • Crystals and tattoos
  • Sri Yantra
  • George's puppy date
  • Kitchen renos

What do you get when you cross a medium with a business mentor? One hell of a podcast!

New episode every Friday.

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Cassandra Knight is a professional clairvoyant, astrologer and tarot reader.
During a career spanning over 28 years, she has performed readings for people from all over Australia and the world. Cassandra uses her natural psychic abilities plus the wisdom of the tarot and the cartouche to tap into your current circumstances and their potential outcomes. 

Hertz Music - Meditative Mind 

Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic: 

Solfeggio Healing Frequencies: 

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Meet your hosts:

Michelle Price in her own words:
I am self employed in the spiritual realm.  My 21 year career as a radio journalist ended in March 2020 and I have been working for myself ever since.  

I offer oracle card readings, including past lives, business, health and relationship reads and anything else you can think of.  I am also a Medium, meaning I am able to connect you with your passed over loved ones and I  communicate with Ascended Masters, Guides and the Angels.   

As well, I offer Mentorship, helping you discover and develop your spiritual gifts.

I also do freelance journalism meaning I can write you a fabulous bio, Media Release or magazine article.  

Contact Michelle
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Meet Lauren Grace the owner/operator of Rah Rah Consulting and host of The Afterlight Podcast and the Co-Owner of the Afterlight Institute. 

"I have been on my spiritual journey for the majority of my life, but quite seriously since 2002. It is a consuming passion for me. I have a background in radio broadcasting and decided to use my skills to develop a podcast. My aim is to provide people with a platform to explore spirituality.
The Afterlight will feature a variety of guests with different views and perspectives."

Contact The Afterlight

The Afterlight Institute: 


DM Lauren about working with her one-on-one.

Lauren works with business owners and service providers to build confidence, develop self-awareness, prioritize self-care, deal with overwhelm, learn to say no, and design a life of their dreams.

Lauren is an expert in time management, content creation and mindset work. 

If you want support and accountability in the following areas Lauren is the woman for you!

Time Management through the amazing Task Reduction System
Overwhelm and Stress Management
Public Speaking
Relationships and Communications
Social Media Marketing/Content Creation

Contact Lauren
One-on-one mentoring with Lauren - Apply today 

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